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Black Death is a film of two halves. One is a blood bath located in a historic black Britain ravaged by plague and is a supernatural being torture-fest with a touch of the Saw series. One half is pretty good and the other half is the kind of mean. No prizes for guessing which is which.

Christopher Smith is a historical horror set in England during the first bout of the plague. Young monk Osmund (Redmayne) is having a crisis of trust and cheating on God with a young lady. Determined to leave his monastery, he volunteered to help the Pope's envoy Ulrich (Sean Bean - the guys love when he used to play in the TV series Sharpe, but he stars in a lot of dross ) as a guide. Ulric job is to find a village in the marshes that the church believes is protected against the plague by a necromancer (Sorcerer for you and me). Ulric, the monk and a band of hardened soldiers battle their way into the village and find the witch (Van Houten) and his assistants (including McInnerny playing against type) the resurrection of the dead, refusing to say grace before meals and generally having a bright smile and beautiful teeth.

The first section has the stench of death everywhere dark. The boys have created here is probably one of the most satisfying performances of the plague seen on screen so far. The brutal violence and attention to detail (the most terrible teeth) are excellent and the setup is almost surreal quality historic Herzog Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes anger. Unfortunately, Black Death Soons becomes a little too talky and without action to safeguard the religious nonsense, it never really kicked on. The final long-term supernatural torture set piece is a disappointment and it ends suddenly with a tacked on "what happens next in the epilogue to sort things out in no time. The acting is Hammy - Carice Van Houten witch only speak slowly and clearly while looking in the middle distance as if it focused its damndest to phase out the Dutch accent, Osmund is a monk with a frown Angsty teen eyebrows constantly and we have seen Sean Bean playing the same role too often today.
Christopher Smith
Aktorë: Sean Bean,
Eddie Redmayne,
Carice van Houten,
David Warner,
Kimberley Nixon

Për informacion për këtë film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1181791/

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